An effective, more natural approach

With the most common form of scoliosis treatment ultimately ending in scoliosis surgery, it is understandable why many patients seek a more natural approach to scoliosis treatment.

Such things as generalized exercise and physical therapy may be more natural; however, most experts agree they are not effective with scoliosis.

For a more natural approach to be effective, it must be designed specifically for the needs of scoliosis patients.

We use a combination of scientific based approaches to not only stop progression, but in many cases reduce the curve itself.  

Being focused on the treatment of scoliosis with a variety of scoliosis certifications allows us to better understand scoliosis, the human spine, and all the best treatment approaches for your particular case.

We offer multiple treatment options depending of your case, age, and location.

Treatment Approach

As opposed to just trying to hold the spine with a brace or rod, we utilize a more natural, functional approach that strengthens the spine so it can begin to support itself. 

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Treatment by Severity

Traditional treatment in this category is “watch and wait.”  However, all big curves start out small, so why take the risk. 

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Treatment by age

The rate of progression for scoliosis patients differs greatly by age.  However, regardless of age, our goals are similar.

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