moderate scoliosis

High Potential of progression

Research suggests that if the Cobb angle is initially diagnosed at 25 degrees or higher, it will most likely progress. In addition, there are no reliable tests that can determine when a case of moderate scoliosis will stop progressing. 

Due to the unknown, traditional treatment doctors tend to have patient look at this stage of scoliosis as just a waiting game to see if the scoliosis progresses to surgical level.  They may also say that there is nothing you can do to help the scoliosis and you are at the mercy of whatever happens.  Some other traditional doctors may recommend bracing, like a Boston or Milwaukee, at this point.  However, due to the limitations of traditional bracing, many of these doctors may skip recommending a brace altogether.

We believe that the risk is too great with this type of scoliosis to wait and see, or leave your chances to traditional bracing.  We have developed specific treatment options not only designed to stop progression, but also attempt to reduce the curve during this phase.  All of our treatment is non-invasive and has shown to be effective in this type of scoliosis.   Choosing a trained doctor that focuses on the conservative treatments of scoliosis may be single most important factor that dictates whether the scoliosis progresses to severe or not.