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Our Results Speak For Themselves.

Quantifiable and Measureable, Yet Less Invasive and Safer

No one can guarantee scoliosis treatment results. However, our results speak for themselves, but even more importantly, our patients tell an even more inspiring story. Take a look at the results we’ve been able to create for our patients.

Scoliosis Treatment Results: Pre/Post X-Rays

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  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
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  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
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  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
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  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray
  • Pre Post Scoliosis Treatment X-Ray

Patient Stories

Results are one thing, how the results impact the lives of our scoliosis patients and their families are another. Hear from some of our patients, their family members, and Dr. Nalda how a scoliosis curve reduction transformed their life.

* All ages and severity levels listed are the levels when the patient started care at Scoliosis Reduction Center.


Age 11, Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Severe, Reduced from 51 to 36
At a routine wellness visit at the age of 11, Taylor was diagnosed with scoliosis. At the time of her diagnosis, she was already above the surgical threshold. Taylor’s mom was not willing to have her child undergo an invasive surgery if there was something that could be done to reduce the curve. After being referred to Scoliosis Reduction Center by a local chiropractor, Dr. Nalda was able to reduce Taylor’s curve from 51 degrees to 36 degrees.

“Dr. Tony took the time to make sure that we understood the treatment process. After talking to him, we knew we had the answers that we needed and that it was the best option for us.” - Kristen, Taylor’s mother

“I feel very happy. It’s very relieving to know that my curve went down a lot and that what I am doing really helped.” - Taylor


Age 14, Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Severe, Reduced from 57 to 39
Macey received her scoliosis diagnosis during a routine annual checkup. After extensively researching all available treatment options for Macey, her mom found Dr. Tony Nalda. She was willing to try anything before considering surgery as an option and felt confident moving forward with an intensive treatment program at Scoliosis Reduction Center. After going through care, Macey’s curve has been reduced from 57 to 39 degrees. Surgery is likely no longer a discussion when it comes to Macey’s future.

“The response I get from Macey is that she feels good about herself. She doesn’t have headaches anymore; she feels good about how her body looks. I feel like that is more than enough. If she feels good about herself and can be confident as a teen, then it’s totally worth it.” - Julie, Macey’s mother


Age 17, Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Severe, Reduced from 42 to 29
Although Issac has been under chiropractic care since he was an infant, his chiropractor, like most chiropractors, was not trained in scoliosis-specific chiropractic care. When scoliosis was suspected, an x-ray was taken but no scoliosis-specific treatment was recommended. His mother knew that something needed to be done, and after doing research, found Dr. Tony Nalda. Issac was put on an intensive care program and reduced his curve from 42 to 29 degrees. With a custom home exercise program and a well-designed brace, Issac can continue to reduce his curve.

“The feeling you get when you see the results is worth the time and the finance. With the brace on, he can get down to 15 degrees, and that’s huge.” - Belinda, Issac’s mother


Age 6, Child Scoliosis, Severe, Reduced from 48 to 34
Abby’s mother has scoliosis but since she wasn’t diagnosed until she was a teenager, looking for scoliosis wasn’t even on her radar at Abby’s young age. When Abby was diagnosed, her curve was almost 50 degrees. Research on conservative treatment methods led Abby’s mom to Scoliosis Reduction Center. By implementing a conservative approach with a variety of treatment methods, Abby’s curve has reduced from 48 degrees to 34 degrees. She continues to get amazing results and will continue treatment at Scoliosis Reduction Center as she grows.

“What I most like is that I don’t have to do anything that is going to hurt my back. When I wear the brace, I’m not going to have to get surgery, and I was kind of worried about that.” - Abby


Age 43, Adult Scoliosis, Moderate, Reduced from 29 to 10
After experiencing back pain six years ago, Scott went to a chiropractor. At his visit, he received a diagnosis of minor scoliosis. The chiropractor recommended Scott visit Dr. Nalda. Being a father who who was unable to hold his kids or play sports fueled Scotts determination to reduce his curve. Through his treatment Scott’s curve reduced from 29 to 10 degrees.

“I just met with Dr. Nalda yesterday and all of the curves are now 10 degrees or less, which basically means no scoliosis. That’s pretty incredible.” - Scott


Age 77, Elderly Scoliosis & Kyphosis, Severe, Kyphosis reduced from 79 to 67
Margie loves spending time outside and gardening. This eventually led to her discovery and diagnosis of scoliosis and kyphosis. With the late stage of Margie’s diagnosis, scoliosis progression can happen rapidly. Dr. Nalda worked with Margie through intensive care and has been able to stabilize her curve and reduce her kyphosis from 79 to 67 degrees.
Margie has seen outstanding results and continues to work hard in her garden.

“I can tell a big difference in the way I feel. He has decreased my curve by a whole lot. My posture has improved, and I’m just thrilled. I’m planning on doing what he [Dr. Tony] tells me to do to keep it up.” - Margie
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