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Scoliosis Massage: Is It an Effective Treatment?

scoliosis massage is it an effective treatment

When the average person feels strain, discomfort, aches or pains, it’s not unusual for them to seek relief in the form of massage. Skilled massage practitioners understand the human body in unique and valuable ways. This gives them the ability to locate the source of tension and ease it through their specialized techniques. And for many people, massage is the ideal treatment for those times when they feel tight, stressed and tense.

But what about scoliosis massage? Since massage can be so effective at providing relief for bodily tension and stress, it would seem that it might also provide relief for those who have scoliosis. This makes sense. The discomfort experienced by individuals with scoliosis often arrives in the form of tension in the muscles, therefore, it stands to reason that massage would be an effective treatment. However, the efficacy of scoliosis massage is not so simply understood.

Yes, scoliosis massage can be effective, but it’s important for patients and loved ones to understand how massage should complement a comprehensive treatment program before they proceed.

Are you a scoliosis patient or the parent of a child with scoliosis? I can understand why you may be considering scoliosis massage. It is normal for you to be exploring all the numerous treatments and procedures that are available. I applaud your desire to be proactive with the condition, but I also want to ensure that you make the best, most well-informed decisions. Scoliosis massage can provide relief and help the healing process, but it’s critical that you approach it with the right knowledge and mindset.

Following are some of the things you should keep in mind as you consider scoliosis massage.

Scoliosis Massage: Does It Help?

Scoliosis Is Not a Muscular Condition

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Fundamentally, massage cannot actually heal scoliosis. Yes, it can provide relief, but in and of itself, it is not an approach that improves the condition. The reason is that scoliosis is a condition of the spine, while massage is a technique that works the body’s muscles.

An individual who has scoliosis can benefit from massage because their muscles may be overly tense and tight from compensating for the abnormal spinal curvature. Muscles perform extra work when they act against the continued progression of the scoliosis. This can lead to a significant amount of discomfort, which can be eased through massage.

It’s important to note that tightness and soreness are not necessarily negative aspects. In many cases, the tightness and soreness come from the muscles acting completely appropriately, given the presence of scoliosis. So I would say that doing scoliosis massage might be useful, but it should not necessarily be done to reduce tightness in the muscles.

Here at the Scoliosis Reduction Center, we utilize percussion therapies, which can simulate massage, in our treatment approach. But this type of therapy is not a centerpiece. Rather, it is something we use to help patients ease the soreness and fatigue they may feel from therapy or rehab.

Symmetry and Order

Before engaging in scoliosis massage, it is also important to understand when and how it is most effective.

Most of the time, massage is performed symmetrically. This means that the provider will generally work different areas of the body with equal pressure and duration. The left side receives the same treatment as the right, in other words. Why is this important to know? Because scoliosis is, by its nature, an asymmetrical condition. Symmetrical massage is appropriate for people who have normal spinal curvatures, but it can present problems for those with scoliosis.

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In order to receive the biggest benefit from scoliosis massage, it needs to be performed in a way that takes into account the asymmetry of the individual’s spine. Sadly, most massage practitioners do not consider this.

Another aspect to take seriously is the order in which massage is provided to a patient. When treating scoliosis, the sequence of treatments is crucial. If massage is administered at the wrong time, it can set patients back and even cause additional pain, strain or discomfort. But if it is administered at the proper point within treatment, it can provide tremendous relief and aid in the overall treatment process.

Working Together to Treat Scoliosis Effectively

One of the most appealing aspects of receiving treatment here at the Scoliosis Reduction Center is the fact that we perform a full suite of treatments on site. We can ensure the proper approach and the right sequence to help patients reduce their abnormal spinal curvatures. That being said, I understand if a patient wishes to augment their treatments with those provided by outside specialists such as massage therapists.

If you are interested in scoliosis massage, I would advise you to ask your provider if they are willing to work with a scoliosis specialist. Working together, providers can devise the most appropriate treatment techniques, ensuring that everything that is done is done in the best interest of the patient. A scoliosis chiropractor, for example, can offer guidance, making sure that the massage practitioner understands the comprehensive nature of treatment and the asymmetrical reality of the condition.

Is scoliosis massage an effective treatment? By itself, it is not likely to provide long-term relief or healing. But if it is done in the right sequence and with the proper understanding of scoliosis, it can be a useful technique.

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Dr. Tony Nalda
Doctor of Chiropractic
Severe migraines as a young teen introduced Dr. Nalda to chiropractic care. After experiencing life changing results, he set his sights on helping others who face debilitating illness through providing more natural approaches.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in psychology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, Dr. Nalda settled in Celebration, Florida and proceeded to build one of Central Florida’s most successful chiropractic clinics.

His experience with patients suffering from scoliosis, and the confusion and frustration they faced, led him to seek a specialty in scoliosis care. In 2006 he completed his Intensive Care Certification from CLEAR Institute, a leading scoliosis educational and certification center.
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